Monday, August 14, 2006

The Matrix

Ok, so I am many years behind this, so laugh if you will. I have never given a thought to the title of the Keanu Reeves movie "The Matrix." Not once, not even twice. Prior to the film's release, there was a marketing question that asked "What is the Matrix?" After seeing the film, we all had a good idea of what the matrix was.

So, this morning, I am doing my discipleship study (on giving), and came across Exodux 34:19 (KJV):
"All that openeth the matrix is mine;"

Hmm.Outside of the movie, I have always associated a matrix with an array. So, what does matrix mean in the Exodus context? It means womb. Applying this to the movie, the Matrix was also a Womb. Remembering Neo's"birth" scene, this sorta makes more sense now. Anyways, you could extend the whole womb metaphor because the Matrix was a "safe and happy" place for everyone going about their daily lives.
Well, I thought it was neat anyways.

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James said...

You and Todd ought to get together - he tried to get a MATRIX discussion group going a while back...