Monday, August 28, 2006

Yard Work

I heard a comedian talking about how his dad is alway checking on the lawn. I think I am turning into one of those types of dad because, of late, the condition of my lawn has caused me some concern. Let me put it this way, if it weren't for the crabgrass, there would be very little green out there. I keep thinking to myself "how hard can growing grass actually be?" I am not looking for that pristine lawn that your neighbor probably has (unless you are that neighbor), I am just looking for grass that isn't crab.

The other project that I am doing outside is outlining our pool with lawn edging. Between the pool deck and the edging will be about two feet of white marble rocks. I have already done this around the pool pumps and it looks fantastic, but, best of all, it keeps the grass from growing right up to the pool deck. This of course means that I don't throw a ton of grass into the pool when I am cutting grass (or crabgrass). This project was supposed to be a "several week" project, but yesterday I went out, outlined where the edging would go and removed the grass that was growing nearby. Thinking that the hard part was over, I sent Cindy to Lowes to pick up the rest of the materials while I cleaned out the pool. As it turned out, the hardest part, digging a v-trench for the edging, lay ahead of me. Apparently, all of the loose soil that I remember from when they finished the pool has become nice and hard. After two hours of "digging" (I felt like it was chipping), I gave up. It was going on 5:30. If I was a contractor and I came across a problem like this, what would I do? I'm thinking power tool. So, I am going to swing by Sunbelt Rentals today to see if they have some kind of trencher that I can rent.

Seriously, how hard can it be?


Rick said...

"How hard could it be?" - Napoleon, at Waterloo

"How hard could it be?" - Kevin Smith, when asked if Jersey Girl could be a smash hit

"How hard could it be?" - Ted Turner, when asked about his impending marriage to Jane Fonda

Chuck said...

Thanks Rick...Now I am depressed. BTW, ROTFL on the Ted Turner quote.

James said...

It is always harder than you think.