Thursday, January 18, 2007

Adding Bad Movies to my Netflix Queue

I recently watched the Donner Cut of Superman II and thought, why not go ahead and watch the last two Chris Reeve Superman Movies. Yes, I know, they are bad. Really bad. I remember that I actually yelled at the screen in Superman IV it was so bad.

So here is what Netflix recommended that I might also enjoy: Jaws The Revenge and Batman and Robin. "Hey, he wants to watch Superman IV, what other crap might he like?"


Rick said...

Great thing when we had Netflix was the bad movies available - classic!

But also, I found a few in the rough. Got on a Kevin Spacey kick and found THE BIG KAHUNA - became one of my favorites of all-time, best movie addressing "evangelism" I've ever seen. I found a few like that just looking for actors' movies I'd never seen before.

James said...

HA! My mother in law bought me the box Superman set, which has 11 or 12 disks and is really cool but bears the stigma of including Superman 3 and 4. What can you do? I plan to watch them soon. We should compare notes.

Todd said...

Richard Pryor was the only redeeming part of 3.