Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Prednisone in Action

Since monday, I have been taking 60mg of Prednisone to combat any nasty virus that may have been responsible for my hearing loss. I believe that I am beginning to see, or rather, hear results. The best that I can describe how I was hearing was to remove any bass from a song and jack the treble all the way up. Now, make the resulting noise sound really far off and you got it. That noise has changed as of last night. On the "weigh" to Weight Watchers, it sounded like I could hear more bass.

Hopefully this is a good sign.


Rick said...

Can you hear me now? Hahaha whoa, I slay me.

It's nuts getting older and having body parts stop working properly. I feel your aches and pains. And I hope this works to get you out of the tenor-laden upper regions - if not, I'll send a couple of Air Supply CDs to help with your pitch.

Todd said...

My hearing is the exact opposite; I seem to hear more bass than treble. Getting older has its pitfalls.