Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back In SC

I took a quick jaunt down I-95 this weekend to see my Tighty Whitey Pal's reunion tour with his band, "Children at Heart." Friday's trip was, thankfully, uneventful. Made wonderful time and got in just in time for dinner.

Saturday was the democratic primary in SC. Mr. Good Coffee took a break to have breakfast with me at Brunches prior to casting his vote. I enjoyed the Farmer's Omelette, while my dining companion dined on the smoked sausage and eggs. We had fantastic conversation covering a range of topics from Churchiness to Politics, Work and Webkinz.

Cindy and I had the afternoon to ourselves. We enjoyed ten dollars worth of ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (i.e. two of the small cups) prior to, ultimately, making our way to Books-a-Million. We did stop in at Sam's Club looking for a particular book, and browsed the new Best Buy in Lexington. After winding down at BAM, we met mom and dad and the girls at Zesto in West Columbia.

After this, Cindy and I suited up and went to the Watershed for the concert. Stringbean Wilson showed up and did a traditional "holler" (five minutes, thirty three seconds. Not bad for a guy of his age). Todd's Word showed up with Mrs. Word, however, both were called home when one of their Letters back home got sick (perhaps they ate at Zesto, too). The band was great. What a great idea for a 40th birthday gift. Perhaps I can get my band back together in time for mine (however, it was a marching band, so we are going to need a bigger venue).

So, Mrs. Creative and I will soon be packing up. One of my little loafers needs to hop on to the computer to check her Webkinz. She's afraid she forgot to feed her and put her to bed last night.


Steve said...

Sounds like a great time. Sorry I missed it. Does Zesto's still have that giant soft serve ice cream cone out front?

Rick said...

The one in Triangle City does - or at least I think it does. They've done some remodelling for the order and dining area, and the joint's always hoppin'.

Chuck - good to see you and the missus. Further detailing the maxim that we as men have married up. It's a good thing God made us first - if women had been first, there would've been no need, and there would be shoe sales all over the place. He is so wise.

George said...

Chuck, it was great seeing you at the show. Thanks again for making the trip. It really meant a lot to have so many good friends there.

James said...

Wow, sounds like I missed the party. I hope you put a good word in on my behalf.