Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

I almost made the blogging faux pas of not posting on the first day of the New Year. Seriously, what do I have to say that would be of any interest? Not much.

  • Dick Clark needs to retire. After watching 15 minutes of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," I believe it is time for "America's Oldest Teenager," now 78, to pass the mantle onto the heir apparent, Ryan Seacrest. Dick has carried this torch long enough.
  • Do Hindus ever have it "up to here" with Organized Religion?
  • I only read two books in the past six months: 1776 and World War Z. I need to pick up the pace this year.
  • I hate that the shows I like get cancelled. However, keep in mind that I am quoting "Buckaroo Banzai" on my site.
  • Movies don't have the same attraction for me as they did back in the eighties.
  • I am ditching DirecTV for Cable.
  • I hope this is the year that Alan starts a blog. I really do.
  • This is the year I go to Seattle (I hope).
  • The gang should plan a summer get together.
  • I am looking forward to turning forty in May. I went through my anxiety about it two years ago. I am over it.

So, there you are: much ado about nothing.

Happy New Year.


Steve said...

Liking shows that get cancelled and quoting Buckaroo Banzai just means you have style.

Rick said...

"Big-Boo-TAY! Big-Boo-TAY"

Alan said...

Chuck, Your inspiration may have led me to begin a blog. Though I have little of value to share with the world, perhaps this will actually make me Googleable. Is that a word?

Steve said...

Chuck, email address is rittersportc17@yahoo.com. Alan, it'll be great having you amongst the bloggers. It's cool...try it!

George said...

Well, Alan has joined in. http://ralangreen.blogspot.com/
Your New Years wishes are begining to come true. Is it too late to add "George will win millions in the lottery" to your list?

James said...

Happy New Year, Charles.