Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Off

This is the only job, other than the Air Force, were I have gotten MLK day off. Slept in a bit, had some French toast and then did some school work with the girls. Of course, my new year's diet was going really well until this weekend. Really frustrating…A few years ago when I had lost 60 pounds, I had focus. I can recall how long it took me to get that focus, and how I have definitely lost it again.

I love having opportunities to teach the kids. I got to work through spelling (doing my best Dr. Maddox imitation, which was completely lost on Katie and Megan), and then math with Megster. She was learning multiples of eight, and I actually learned a pattern that I never knew before. So, let skip count, shall we?


Notice the second digit decrease by two from 8? E.g. 8, 6, 4, 2. And the first number (after 8) increases by 1.


and it continues over again .

After lunch we went out to the farm, and I got the chance to learn how to tack up Bandit. It was fun, but was it ever cold out in the riding arena. Megan is coming along fine and just learning to trot, and Katie just takes off at a canter and is making some impressive jumps.

That was two hours ago, and I still have not thawed out.


George said...

Cool. You just taught me how to multiply by eight. Seriously, math was always a weak area for me. Thanks, Bro.

Chuck said...

Our homeschool math program is called MathUSee. Every time I watch a lesson I have the same feeling. I can recall just learning multiplication by rote (just gutting it out and memorizing it).