Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Almost Mid-Week

Hi gang!

It seems I have gotten into the habit of starting to write a post, and then decide that I am trying to be too deep for my own good. I end up sending the unfinished post into the bits and bytes of the netherworld that exists when you shut Word down without saving. I have been enjoying reading your posts.

Time change didn't hit me too hard on Sunday, but, it has been killing me all week. If one of Obama's changes for a positive future included the elimination of DST, I would vote for him in a skinny second. Heck, I think I would go if he just promised to move it from Sunday to Saturday. World Peace? Nah. Don't screw with my sleep – you have my undivided attention.

Bad news with Bandit. Seems the guy is just too old. He has been puttering out lately, so we might be looking at our second lease. I have not had as much time out at the farm as my girls, but when I have gone it has been a lot of fun. Something about tacking up the horse … helps me escape for a bit (no pun intended). I will post more about the big boy. Hopefully, it's just a mood thing, but, as I said, he is old.


George said...

Do you get charged more for the extra mileage when you get out of your horse lease?

Good to see you posting again. I too have become lax in my posting (work has been insanely busy lately.) However, Spring is a comin', so good times await.

Chuck said...

Not only that, but they have to look at the body for any scars left by ticks, other horses, etc.

The real blessing was the girls attitudes. And, we have another couple of leads on other animals. One is a beautiful chestnut named Cadet.

I still think that a purchase is in the future, but, right now we are still taking each step cautiously.

LJ said...

Not every post has to be a masterpiece.

I hear you on the DST. A week later and I'm still struggling...