Monday, March 24, 2008

Sans Sansa, Week 2

My Sansa MP3 never showed up last week, thus defeating my theory. I believed that whenever I misplace something, my normal reaction is to Hulk out. I decided to remain calm and not accuse, even though the evidence appeared as though this was no mere misplacement. I was even able to move money around the various envelopes so that I had enough to replace the device, which was my intention for this weekend.

However, the muffler on Cindy's car had a different plan. Seems the "new" repair shop that we went to last November removed a flex joint between the Catalytic Converter and the muffler. As Uncle Dave use to say "That's a No No." So, the money that was going to the Sansa (along with several other envelopes) ended up going to the car.

Maybe I should just save up from one of those sweet Ipod Touch?

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Paul said...

I recently received an iPhone as a gift and have been quite impressed by the feature set and ease of the use of the device. I had previously been using an AT&T Tilt but for various reasons the device never really suited me quite right, but the iPhone has been a natural fit from day one.

If the iPhone is an option for you, I'd definitely consider it. You can't go wrong with the iPod Touch, either.

Let us know which you go with! :-)