Saturday, March 15, 2008

El Frito Bandito

Just an update on Bandit.

The owner of the farm, and the former owner of Bandit agree: we ride Bandit too much, and he's gone on strike. Cindy's approach has been musical, ala practicing the violin. So, I believe that there will be a natural decrease in the outings to the farm to let the big boy rest up.

Meanwhile, Katie and Cindy are coming back from Pony Club Quiz Rally, where their club placed third. This was Katie's first club event, and she had an overnight stay in a hotel (always exciting) and got to go swimming. While there, Cindy bought a new saddle for $200.00 after having it checked out by others. Incidentally, we had just begun saving for a saddle, and had been praying for extra jobs to come Cindy's way. Just a week ago, she played for the opening of a Target where she made…$200.00. Talk about blessings!

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