Friday, April 18, 2008

The Handshake

Honestly, I was losing it today.

I hate to admit it. I hate to admit that I get panicked, worried. But, that was my situation. Doesn't matter the circumstance, the reason. I was losing my typical calm and cool collectiveness. I wanted to tell my boss three times that I am quitting and moving on to greener pastures. I was really working up a head of steam.

And then, it changed. Subtly.

I was meeting with one of my managers, getting updates for the week for the "Project Plan." Then we worked out a rough delivery schedule for May and into June. Then, life seemed to come back into balance. I breathed a bit deeper. I realized how much I appreciate the people that work for me. I extended my hand, shook hers, and said "Thank you."

It felt fantastic. Perspective returned, and I felt as if some weight had been lifted. Weird, I know.


Rick said...

There's a balance, isn't there? Seems like things are out of control, out of our hands, and then some things get crossed off the to-do list and we feel like things are better. Sometimes I wonder if it's just wishful thinking - has "peace" come back because this time the angst has been appeased for a time? Just my thinking along some of the same ruts, I think.

James said...

I find myself feeling similarly when I reason emotionally. I have to work at detaching myself and looking at things from another point of view. Do not, however, underestimate the sweet release of resignation. I tried that week before last and I have been kicking back in the lounge car of the short-timer express ever since. Ahhh... really, nothing beats the down side of proffering a "Tony Letter" to your boss. (Better have something else lined up for the back end, however!)