Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 25 Years Ewoks

Seems hard to believe that Return of the Jedi came out 25 years ago this May. It was the only Star Wars that I did not see at the Dutch Square Theaters (I saw it at the Bush River Mall Cinemas).

This video is pretty funny. Hang in there: Billy Dee Williams makes an appearance.


Andrew Z said...

Hey Chuck,

It's Andrew from Runawaybox, the creator of the Ewok Gospel video.

I'm really flattered that you chose to post my video to share with your readers. Thanks so much for the support and keep watching!

- Andrew

Chuck said...

Andrew it is my pleasure (thank you for providing me some content to share with my friends). My wife had one question, though, how did you get Billy Dee to do the gig? That was priceless.

Alan said...

Chuck, I used to love Dutch Square Theater! Afterward, you could always go in the mall and watch the monkeys while purchasing a can of nose putty from Cromer's. Ah, memories.