Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turning the Big Four-O

In little over a month, I join some of my pals and turn 40. Big milestone, because, let's face it guys, statistically speaking, it's been downhill since about thirty seven. So, I've made it to forty, and I made my peace with that a couple of years ago. I distinctly remember when my Dad turned thirty eight – he broke his arm that year, and, George Rogers won the Heisman trophy (George Rogers jersey was thirty eight) – I associated my Dad's age at that event with a college football player. I couldn't believe that I was now the same age as that little boy remembered.

My friend George really did a fine job for himself on his fortieth. He pulled his college band back together and shared his love for music, performance and God with a whole bunch of us. It was a real privilege to go. Unfortunately, my college band was a bit bigger. Perhaps I can get a small group of the guys to come up and we can do some drill on the front lawn. I still have arrangements of "Favorite Things" somewhere around here.

Really, I have no grand plans. May 19th will come, and will go. I hope there will be cake. Maybe, in honor of the new Indy movie coming out, I can schedule a Raiders Marathon. Or, take the day off and go to Bush Gardens?

Seriously, though, looking ahead, can I create a goal to accomplish during my fortieth year? Perhaps this will be the year that I rebooted my career, or wrote that home school programming curriculum that I have tossed around for nearly a year. Maybe I can start listening for God's calling in my life instead of driving it all the time. Love people a bit more?


LJ said...

Speaking from experience, celebrate it in a way that means something to you. I didn't do a party, but chose to spend the day doing things I would normally not take time to do.

BTW, I'm glad there's no sports car mentioned for your goals. That would be worrisome.

Martha said...

My husband asked me a couple of weeks ago while discussing whether to have a baby or not if I wanted to be 62 when the child is graduating from college. I told him that I was going to be 62 one day anyway (gasp) so that wasn't part of the equation!

Hope you will have a Happy Birthday no matter what you do. I understand that life goal thing. I think my thing is to begin working on the CPA exam before I reach 40 and pass while I'm 40!

Rick said...

I hear from my more seasoned friends that 40 isn't that bad.

Steve said...

What is it about turning 40? I mean, the day before you're 39 and everything is fine. What changes from one day to the next?

Personally, I'm finding that I'm having the time of my life. I wouldn't go back to my 20's for anything.

I'll be right there with you in July, my friend. Maybe we ought to get the gang together for a long weekend somewhere.

Todd said...

Strange...I broke MY arm at 38.