Saturday, April 05, 2008


This week has been really draining. At work, we have been given new top down directions on how to manage the request for software development. The directions are rather reactionary, and the net result is that most teams have lost developers. Two of our teams have been the benefactors, gaining developers they did not have before.

The ironic bit is that this has generated an application that I am writing. Those Who Know have developed a "Request for Software Development" form using Word. The idea is to document the requests and make sure that account managers, software development managers and directors all agree on what work should be billed back to the client and identify the purchase order. The goal is to reduce the amount of "development hours" given away for free (which really is a problem). However, we are now using Word and Outlook to route these documents back and forth. Anything ironic here? And, then They That Know ask for metrics based on these worksheets.

Now I have been burning time in the week and at night to put together a workflow application in ASP.NET. Oh yeah baby, I finally get a chance to kick with .NET 3.5, Ajax (I love the Client Side Library: $get and $addhandler rocks! Client side callbacks to the server without using Remote Scripting or having to write my own quasi out of band process. Oh Yeah!) and LINQ to SQL(which rocks you like a hurricane). The only problem is, I really started writing the application last weekend and my boss asked for it on this Monday. I've put in late hours and I just put in 9 hours today to try to get it closer, but, it is not going to happen. I started to sweat it, but come one, the company isn't going to die if I don't have this done. However, I have had a blast with it. But man, am I tired. A good tired. I really miss programming.


Rick said...

After spending the last two weeks in San Juan for a customer that needed me there for two days, I feel your pain. It's all good in the end if they're happy, if management is happy, and if we get paid.

Paul said...

Sounds like an interesting application, Chuck! Glad to hear you still have the passion for software development even though it sounds like you don't get to do it often.

Out of curiosity, how are you finding the experience of working with Windows Workflow? Be interested to hear how you are putting that technology to use.


Chuck said...

Paul - I am really just starting to work with Workflow, so, I still feel that I am learning. I did find a great sample app on Ode To Code that highlights using it with ASP.NET. I missed one small point in the code (get transitions) that was making a call to start the work runtime. I conveniently left that part out, so my WF didn't run when restarting. Took a bit of digging, but, I did learn. I am using the StateMachine wf for my particular application.

I really think that the Client Side "Lifecycle" that comes with MS Ajax is pretty spiffy.

Steve said...

I see the passion you have for this, Chuck. It's really cool, although I have no Earthly idea what in the world you were saying. Me no understand! Head...hurting...eyes...crossing...must