Monday, May 19, 2008

40 Years Ago

My mom called to remind me that 40 years ago yesterday, she had Maurices' BBQ for dinner. At 5:47AM the next morning I was born. Hopefully, the two incidents are somehow not related. Anyways the plan for today is an Indiana Jones Movie Marathon with an outing to catch Prince Caspian.

My wife compiled some 1968 factoids to put up on my blog.

In 1968...

The median household income was $7,743, a postage stamp would cost you $0.05, a gallon of gas would set you back $.027 and a gallon of milk went for $1.07.

Snickers and Kit Kat were the most popular candy bars, and race fans really loved Richard Petty. The Jonas Brothers was the most popular band. Everyone was listening to Up, Up and Away.

The biggest change to hit the movie industry was the introduction of the MPAA rating system. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Funny Girl and Oliver were top grossing movies, but it was In the Heat of the Night that took home the Best Picture Oscar.

On Christmas Eve, the Apollo 8 orbited the moon, and man saw with his own eyes the dark side of the moon. The Christmas Eve broadcast of the orbit was the most watched TV program ever and the pilot's read from the book of Genesis.

And, in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr, Helen Keller, Upton Sinclair and John Steinback passed away.


Kyle said...

Happy Birthday Chuck!
I hope I look as good when I'm as old.

Martha said...

Happy Birthday old friend (no pun intended)!! Interesting recap. Was talking recently about the moon landing in July of '69 as I was 6 months old. My mom says that she woke me up and I watched the moon landing with my parents. That is one thing that I don't remember though - go figure.

Gotta love those prices. My parent's first house cost less than I paid for my first new car in 1991 - now that's inflation.

George said...

First, Happy Birthday, Chuck. (again)

Second, "The Jonas Brothers"?????

LJ said...

Welcome to your fifth decade!


James Spaugh said...

Happy Birthday Chuck! Does this explain Friday's post? I hope to join you at the end of the summer.

Rick said...

HBD, old chum - will join you on the other side of four-oh soon enough.

Steve said...

Happy birthday, Chuck! Two more months and I'm right there with you. Here's to another 40 great years.