Saturday, May 24, 2008

When compliments go Bad

Yesterday, I took the family out to Bush Gardens Williamsburg. Each year, we get season passes, and they offer a Virginia Resident pass that makes this very affordable. In addition, this year, Megan is tall enough to ride Apollo's Chariot – a hyper coaster that is one of the best in the park. Arriving at the park early, we were able to ride the coaster several times in succession. I finally had to say enough, but the kids rode two more times by themselves. Cindy sat near the exit, and I walked around trying to clear the motion sickness that I was experiencing. Coming back over to her, I was just amazed at how pretty she is, even more so than when we first met. I tried to come up with a unique compliment on the fly.

"I was over there checking you out. And then, I noticed it was you."

Cindy looked up at me, and said "So, you were checking other girls out? Gee Thanks."

"No, no, no…that's not what I meant!"

So, lesson out there guys – don't try out new compliments out off the cuff.


Rick said...

Points for trying - good call.

Martha said...

That's funny. Jim usually gets a kick of when other men check me out (in a non obvious ogling kind of way). One time there was an obvious check out and I got offended and Jim thought it was funny. Go figure.

LJ said...

(shaking my head)...

Perhaps if married men didn't get so out of practice in giving compliments it wouldn't go so badly.

Improvisation is a skill that must be exercised and honed, be it musical or compliment-ical. (I made that word up just for you, Chuck)

Steve said...

I had a similar experience. I noticed a very attractive woman at a luncheon. When she turned around it was my wife. I told her about this experience and she had a similar reaction your wife did. I countered with, "If we weren't married and I didn't know you, I'd come over and ask you out. You're that smokin'!"

That got me out of the hot water.