Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Good Deed

Who knows if it goes unnoticed? Who cares? All I can say is spending Saturday morning painting an elderly couple's house was a blast. I cannot honestly say that the thought of painting was fun, but once I got there with some of the others from our small group it turned into fun. Not only that, but seeing the appreciation in the eyes of the home owners just made it worthwhile. And, it was a small home and did not take very long to do the work. We also had a great time just sitting and having coffee while getting to know the owners.

Prior to that, I met Steve over at the Broken Egg Bistro. The BEB is an "upscale" breakfast restaurant (as in Panera is an upscale sandwich Shoppe). The breakfast was good, but, I think I prefer Brunches in West Columbia. However, since Brunches is a seven hour drive and BEB is two minutes, I guess BEB will do in a pinch. I enjoyed Bob's biscuits (two biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, two eggs and grits). With the exception of the grits, everything was good. The grits were odd: they were much larger than the variety that I enjoy. A little butter and salt (per Pacific Grits instructions) did little to improve the texture. The conversation was good, and let's faces it: guys need time to talk guy stuff.

Coming home, the girls were out picking strawberries, and Cindy had bought several ice cream containers to share with the cul-de-sac tonight when the Chesapeake Jubilee shoots off the fireworks. The grass needed cutting so I moved on to that. Everything is done, and we are looking forward to the Preakness. We are rooting for Big Brown to win again in hopes of a triple crown.

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Steve said...

Sounds like a great day. The fam rolls into town in two weeks. I look forward to getting back to a normal routine.