Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Funny Thought

Have you seen the commercials for that drug that helps out, with, well, you know...It comes in a little blue pill, and I think you can get samples from your doctor, but you have to ask with a straight face. As if somehow, this is a love pill. I don't think it is.

However, you have heard the disclaimers at the end of their "Viva" Las Vegas commericals, right? Where they tell you if the "effects" last for more than four hours you need to go the emergency room.

Have you ever wondered what the conversation would be like at the three hour and thirty minute mark? Is it a go or no go. You have to think about this.

And then, what kind of pants do you wear in? Obviously, jeans are out of the question. Do you go with sweat pants and a long shirt?

And once you get in, and go through all the check in procedures, where you have to detail the nature of your emergency, you get to sit in the waiting room with all of the other patiences with "actual" emergencies. All of them looking at you, wondering why you are there. Maybe they can figure it out.

I wonder if that procedure was just thrown in there to cover the company's interest. "Sooo, theoretically, how long could the effects last? We'd better tell them to go to the emergency room at around, what five hours? No, Four?" Ok. Four it is. Seriously, who would follow through with that?

Not speaking from personal experience, of course.

Just wondering.


George said...

So what DID you tell them your reason was for being at the emergency room?

Chuck said...

Really, I did not take two!!

Todd said...

I don't know about you, but if I have 4 hour..., um, you-know-what, I'm not calling my Doctor. I'm calling my wife! Woo hoo!