Friday, October 31, 2008


So, here is my Halloween story. I hope you enjoy it.

You know what runts are, right? They are hard candies that are shaped like various fruits - strawberries, bananas, oranges. Actually, beneath the tough exterior, they are just little bits of sugar goodness. But to get to them, you have to position the Runt between your teeth to crack it just right, and hopefully, not damage your teeth. I am addicted to these. It doesn't help that one of my coworkers keeps a never ending jar of these on his desk.

I often find myself making excuses to go over to his desk and grab a handful. Sometimes, I put them in a cup, sometimes I keep them loose and sometimes, I'll put in my pocket for later (don't judge me). Now, this last location is important, and it sets up what happened last night, before our FPU class.

Sometimes, after FPU, I come home so full of adrenaline that I find it difficult to go to sleep. For years, I have taken various sleep aids, and often refer to them as my "Little Blue Friends," or LBF for short. Last night, I thought that I would be smart and take a couple of these along and take them around 8:30.

Everything was going well. I was asking questions to the class from last week's lessons. Everyone was participating. For some reason, I absent mindedly put my hands in my pockets. I felt something round and small down there. My mind got excited: I had found a forgotten Runt. I cradled it between my index finger, and my thumb and decided that I would just, casually, eat it. I popped it in my mouth, positioned it between my teeth to crack the candy shell and...


Followed by the absolute worst taste. My face clinched up, and everyone figured out that something had happened. I confessed, but, I only said it was some "medicine"

This happened at 7, and the class was finished at 9. I was working against the clock as the 50 mg of Diphenhydramine was working its way into my system. I felt like Dennis Quaid in DOA, knowing that I was working against the clock.

Cindy did not buy the medicine line. She figured out what I had done. She laughed about it later, as around 8:15, she said I really sounded sleepy.

So, there you go. That's my Halloween story. There was candy, and it happened the day before Halloween. That counts? Doesn't it?

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Rick said...

I tried that excuse once with "little blue pills". You don't want to know.