Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have decided to remove a couple of post from my blog.

Typically, I do not do this, however, I realized that it may have been short sighted on my part. Out of respect to my employeer and to not cause any undue worry from family members, I thought it to be the best choice.

I wrote the post out of frustration right after a difficult time for our company. Luckily, I have a great boss who was much more concerned about me than what I wrote.

And that means a lot.


Rick said...

As one who has written the "REPLY ALL" email and gotten grief for it, I feel your pain. For me, the public blog is a place to process - if you see it on my site, I've already dealt with it enough to write nice. Sometimes, I've used whatever was biting me to be creative - change the names and situations to protect the innocent, etc.

Moleskines work for the private stuff. Or long rides in sporty little cars with good tunes.

Alan said...

I find a boss reading your blog, creepy.
Nonetheless, we often say or write things we really don't mean.

LJ said...

Ouch! Bigger fallout than I had realized.

There is an interesting video I watched last week which covers, among other things, our lack of privacy ( It's worth a gander.