Monday, November 24, 2008

Five Days Off

I am so excited about having this week off. Five days in a row! And, one of those day is a sanctioned eating day! Nirvana, pure joy. There are other things that I am getting excited about, but, I will save those for later: you know, once the grits have thickened in the pot a bit more.

Here is my fear about this week: that I blow it. I have all this time to do something, and that I ultimately do nothing. Sure, we need a vacation from our place of employment. But do I need to be idle? Cindy just said no.

I am going to post this to the blog, and then go exercise. If I don't do it first thing today, it most likely will not get done.

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Steve said...

I've got this week off too, Chuck. I'm right there with you--what am I going to do with it? Hopefully the answer won't be, "Got a little farther on the 'Far Cry 2' video game."