Thursday, November 27, 2008

Might as Well Face It

Back in the 80's, Robert Palmer had a song, Addicted to Love. Some of from the movie theater, during those heady days of Tetris, altered the refrain of the song to make "Might as well face it, you're addicted to Tetris." Good Times.

Today, I am addicted to Smallville. Last night, I had the last disc from Netflix of Season 7. I am not sure how the writers strike affected the season other than it was two less episodes than usual.

Season 7 had many of what I call "mythos points" that we know have to occur prior to Clark Kent taking the mantel of Superman. My absolute favorite was an episode where Lex killed his father. Not only did he kill his father, but he killed the last vestige of any goodness that he had inside him. What was clever was that his goodness was represented by him as a boy, before the meteor storm and him losing his hair. Lex grabs the boy, drags him through his mansion to a fire place and pushes him in.

In the same episode, Clark and Lex have the "all I wanted was to be your friend but you pushed me away" talk. It solidified that their friendship was completely irreconcilable.

Seven ends with Lex gaining control of a Kryptonian artifact that will give him control over Clark, and a well placed cliff hanger.

Wanting to see how it ended, I was hoping that the CW web site would still have all of Season 8's episodes up. Unfortunately, they appear to only carry a few at a time. I turned to another source: bit torrent.

I have been downloading several episodes from Season 8 trying to get caught up. The season opener was pretty good, but the next one turned into the Meteor Freak of the Week (MFOW). Call it Superman 90210 or just a simple guilty pleasure, I am pretty much addicted to the show.


Rick said...

We've been hooked since season four. Tonight, they started replaying the current story line - have you been watching? Last week was Doomsday - the next new episode will be the Legion of Superheroes, some time in January.

Kryptonsite is a great resource, FYI.

Martha said...

Meg and I made up words to that song that summer of '86 when it game out - except we called it Addicted to Golf. Daddy played so much that summer. Sometimes he would play 54 holes in one day. It was very hot that summer too. I thought for sure he was going to die out on that course from the heat!

Todd said...

Enjoy your addiction, my friend. Though I am not one for Smallville, I am quite hooked on The X-Files.