Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Ol' Ball Coach

This is an open weekend for the Gamecocks. For me, that means that my blood pressure should remain normal. After last weekend's "game," I think the whole Gamecock nation needs a weekend off. I hope this means big trouble for the Tigers next weekend.

If I cannot watch Gamecock football, then I play them on EA Sport's NCAA 09. Currently, I am playing the Dynasty mode. Let me tell you, in my personal Gamecock Nation, Chris Smelley is a quarterback stud come his senior year. And Stephen Garcia through over 500+ yards in his final bowl appearance.

I am in the 2012 season. 2011 was a winning season, but nothing to brag about. In 2010, we were ranked as high as #8. Currently, we are 2 - 0, having just beat Georgia between the hedges.

My wife, Cindy, made a quip: maybe they should make you the coach. Well, I have learned that Guitar Hero does not make you a real guitar played (believe me, I tried...Strings are so lame...give me buttons any day). So I know that playing NCAA does not make someone a real coach.

But, that was not what she meant. She meant I was looking like a coach. I was wearing my Gamecock hat, had my Large Headphones with a mike. She was waiting for me to throw both of them. All I was missing, she said, was a smirk that doesn't go away and a terrible shirt with horizontal lines.

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Rick said...

For those of us in Columbia on open date gameday, the Gamecocks beat USC-Upstate 75-53 at the Colonial Center Arena this afternoon. Trace & I took my Dad - good game, but got sloppy in the 2nd half.

See you next week, chum. Er, coach.