Sunday, March 26, 2006

American Idol: Tivo-Style

I love my Tivo.

Besides our computers, it is the single most used device in the house. I would probably argue that it is more useful than any other device (including the computer) in the home. Not that it allows me to watch more TV (I probably still watch more or less the same), but rather, it allows me to watch TV on my time. Also, I can fast-forward through commercials. For example, watching American Idol on Thursdays, I can watch the Tuesday night show and the Wednesday night results in about forty minutes. We do this by eliminating Ryan Seacrest and the commercials on the Tuesday night show, and go straight to the results for the Wednesday night programs.

Man, I do love this.


Rick said...

simon cowell would pay big bucks for getting rid of seacrest like that.

Todd said...

Can we get rid of Simon and Randy too?

Chuck said...

Personally, this season, I think Paula has been drunk every episode.

James said...

I have resisted the Tivo, fearing that if I purchased one I would be acknowledging my allegence to the TV gods.