Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good Work Week

Don’t you love when you have a good week at work? Well, I’ve actually had two. Perhaps it has to do with being in the middle of a coding cycle, or perhaps it’s just the time of year. I’ve been stuck between being an application developer and being a project manager. I say PM, but, what I really mean is PM-ish. I’ve been dragging my heels in this because, honestly, I want to code. I want to continue developing my craft and my skills in this area, and there is just so much stuff out there. Especially since Microsoft has release VS.NET 2005 and SQL Server 2K5. Time…I need another hour. This week, I’ve received a comment from work that I seem to be “happier” with my PM-like role. I think I am. It’s not that I have accepted this as a full-time position, but rather, it’s an opportunity for me to learn a new skill set. I’m enjoying having a hand in creating a schedule, and then publishing that schedule as early as possible. With a time line, I can justify the amount of functionality that we can get into a release. I had an interviewee ask me yesterday if we tend to have unrealistic deadlines. I smiled and thought about my team: getting time lines has been the single biggest aid to avoiding the death march. Yea, that makes me happy.


Todd said...

Carlos, you are a born leader. It comes naturally to you. I am sentimental over the fact that you used the word "march" in your post. :o) I'd have never survived being Drum Major. Having the technique is only half of it. I was no leader. I'd have wimped out. Glad work is going well for you. It is great to enjoy what you do AND get paid for it. Perhaps someday I will enjoy that privilege again.

Rick said...

management $$ without the management responsibility, headaches, heart ailments and constipation - that's what we strive for.