Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bach Double Violin Concerto

My wife and her dad both play violin. They don't play their violin in the same sense that I play my trombone, but they play their violins. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart (Mike and Ginger) passed their musical talents to their two daughters, Cindy and Michelle. Cindy pursued the violin and Michelle the piano. Their talents carried them through their choices of majors in college undergraduate and post graduate.

But at times, I forget how good they are. I see Cindy in her day-to-day mode, and so I become familiar with this side of her: Wife, Buddy, Mom and Teacher. This summer, she played at Vaction Bible School in front of the kids ("Devil Went Down To Georgia," no less, but that is another story). I was just in awe of this woman's playing ability. I had to pinch myself and say "that's your wife dude."

Yesterday, she played with her dad the Bach Double Concerto. I was at home with the girls (Katie was sick), and so my mother-in-law filmed this. Just amazed at the skills of Cindy and her Dad (and Ginger's steady camera arm).


Todd said...

Brilliant performance. Caused me to wax nostalgic for the old USC Band days. I have not played the Tuba since 1987, and I miss it terribly at times. Kudos to Cindy for continuing to use her musical talents.

TIM said...

This was a truly inspiring rendition of Bach's double violin concerto. I have been doing research for a class paper and ran across your site as I was looking for a link so I could provide an example of this work being performed. while I am not a music major (its for art appreciation). I am a long time music lover who does not play any instrument beyond my own voice. I am in awe of your talent, thank you!

Chuck said...

Thanks Tim! I have passed your comments on to Mike (my father in law) and to Cindy (my wife).

Mike is absolutely amazed that the video has been viewed over 1000 times. Thats the net for ya!