Thursday, March 01, 2007

Em Are Eye

Yesterday, I went for an MRI to give the Doctor's a better view of what's going on with my ear. It was of the "open" variety as opposed to the Tube that people go into each week on House. The Technicians were concerned that I would be claustrophobic, but in the end, it felt like I was under the car trying to change the Oil Filter. But instead of Oil, I was underneath there with a Jack Hammer. How come no one was concerned about me and Jack Hammers? Really, though, it sounded like some strange 20th century Electronica music that I was subjected to in College on my way to a music education degree (how's that working out for ya?).

They gave me the film/slides (whatever they are) to take back to my doctor, and, since I was near the house, I dropped them off there before going back to work. Curious, I pulled out a slide, and held it up to a window to let the light shine through the back. It is an amazing thing to be able to see your inner workings: your spine, neck, jaws, nasal cavity, eyes and brain. It's even more amazing when your nine your old tells your wife, "see, he does have a brain!"

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Rick said...

I've it many times - you just can't trust a nine-year-old. Hope you're on the road forward to recovery, sir. Fortunately, your hurt hearing might've missed the worst of the American Idol auditions, and then you'll be well at the end when it's decent again. Hopefully.