Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday with the Girls

You know, sometimes my thoughts about Saturdays tend to be slightly selfish. After all, it is my day off after a long week of work. Sometimes, during the winter when it is to cold to work outside, it does turn into my day off. But, today was a bit warm when I woke up. I had already finished the bills the night before, and I was itching to fire up the lawnmower. The Scotts' Turf Builder that I put down earlier in the month apparently is doing its job. The grass has greened up nicely, and has been growing. Chickweed has also been growing, so, after a quick "pre-10:00" trip to Lowe's for some weed and feed, I fired up the lawn mower for the first time since...October? Something about yard work kicks in. Once you start, you just keep on going - trimming, edging and cleaning up all the debris.

Cindy was preparing for a gig today, and Kate and Megs wanted to go see TMNT. Ok, I wanted to go see it also. Both girls are really great going to the movies. They know not to ask too many questions during the show and know how to navigate to the bathroom when nature calls. They are good movie buddies. The film was pretty decent. I must admit that I saw the Turtle movies back in the day. But this one was much better. Completely computer animated, what made it realistic was the camera movements. It felt real. But, then again with movies today, what is real. There was a fantastic battle scene between two of the brothers in the rain.

Coming home, we rented Eragon. I knew that the film had pretty much gotten panned at the movies, but, I was looking forward to it. I put a Red Baron's Pizza in the oven, and we cranked up the Xbox 360 to play the 1989 TMNT Arcade game. Fortunately, I did not over cook the pizza too much. But slightly burnt pizza was nothing compared to exploding Grape Fanta. The pizza, not wanting to be upstaged, decided to fly off of Megs' plate to decorate the floor. It was a comedy of errors, and I could not get mad about it. So, we settled into Eragon. Again, it proves that if your expectations for a film is really low, it has no where to go but up. We really liked it, and cheered the first time the Dragon blows fire.

So, we are now settling in. It looks like Cindy might be getting called to play for the Mannheim Steam Roller concert. Which really means is that she is getting back into the gigs again. That in and of itself is not so bad. The girls are older now, and not as much work, but, we will need to make sure that we don't loose all of our Saturdays.

Because, I am a bit selfish when it comes to Saturdays. And I want all of my girls with me.

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