Monday, March 05, 2007

More venting

My wife categorized my last post as a "vent", and suggested that I not send it to my pastor, so, I'll just get over it (for now). Today at work was pure frustration. I am supposed to be code complete on a section of work by Friday, and I can already tell that, if the problems that I will have this week match the problems for today, it doesn't bode well.

It's funny how I can define a bad day at work.

Let's see, at the movie theater, a bad day at work was working the midnights with "Rocky Horror." At Blockbuster Video, I seem to recall many bad days, but the worst revolved around a string of BBV Robberies happening at closing. My worst day in the Air Force was a ground mishap involving a helicopter shatter a blade on a light pole throwing debris into the hardened shelter where I was working. But, programming. Hmmm. I whine because I have to not only produce new code and enhance our product, but, I also have to support our peeps in New Jersey. I constantly find myself being jerked between differing levels of concentration. The cube farm where I work is fairly noisy. And, our application seems to bog the IDE down, thus making trivial tasks somewhat aggravating. I did carve out what I was working on into another project so that I can just work on the parts of the application that I care about. Perhaps this is the way to go.

Venting done.


Rick said...

On the silver-lining side of thinsgs - at least you have enough of your hearing back to where the noisiness is a bother, right? :)

Chuck said...

My wife had a physical and talked to our family doctor. He said if they have gotten to the point of an MRI it is most likely going to be a benign cyst that will be easy to remove. I still haven't heard from my ENT.

But you are right. Sometimes, I wish that I was working construction, or something where I was building with my hands, but I bet those guys have bad days too.

Rick said...

I can sit and wish many things, but "working construction" is not one of them. As for the workplace noise - noise-reducing headphones don't work completely, but enough to get the hum down to bearable levels.

Chuck said...

Today I downloaded an mp3, maybe 45 seconds long, that someone recorded while in their car during the rain. I ran it all day on the headphones, and fell asleep. No, really, I did miss a phone call. Very relaxing and different type of day.

James said...

I broke my foot.