Saturday, March 03, 2007


Around the Hampton Roads Area, I have seen a ubiquitous DVD rental kiosk simply called "Redbox." It allows you to browse a list of the movies that it contains. Once selecting, you use your Visa Check Card to rent the film for $1.00. The DVD is then ejected from the machine in a plastic casing, and is not due back to ANY Redbox until 7:00 pm the next day. Each DVD has a bar code around the spindle which is used, I assume, to identify the disk.

Redbox has a website as well: The title browsing leaves much to be desired, but, it can tell you which Redbox location your title is available. Once renting online, the movie will be "held" in the machine for a certain period of time. Once you arrive at the machine, you swipe your Visa Check Card through the reader and your movie is ejected.

Redbox will not replace Netflix anytime soon, but, last night, I wanted to show Cindy "Little Miss Sunshine." My choices were renting at Blockbuster ($4.00) or using Pay Per View ($, effectively $4.00). The PPV was an all day rental pass and the next starting time was at 10:00 pm (too late for us old folk). I refuse to step into BBV after they refused to rent an Xbox 360 Game Rental to me without a Major Credit Card, and would not accept my Visa Check Card (hence why I keep emphasizing that product).

The overall process was quick, however, I during pickup, I got stuck behind a couple who were browsing the kiosk trying to pick out a movie.

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James said...

I am proud of you for resisting the lure of your old employer...