Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday

First of all, if any candidate comes forward and runs on the change Daylight Savings Time change over to a Saturday Morning instead of a Sunday Morning, has my vote. Period.

DST probably explains my total lack of energy today. Typically on "Time Change Sunday," we Bryan's are in bed an hour early, but not this time. Last week, I had lost my wife to Sweeney Todd. Not that she went in for a shave or anything, but, she played violin in the Princess Anne High School's Production. I had asked for tickets to come and hear her play, but, I was very surprised with the production: it was really good. The male and female leads were both strong and I enjoyed the show. I am always amazed when I hear my wife play. Sometimes I just forget how good she is (makes my trombone playing look pale by comparison).

So, we are just chilling out today.

I did get news this week on the MRI: there was nothing found that would explain the hearing loss. But, they did find an old style Soda Can pull of ring. Explains the radio signals that I pick up from time to time. But, I kid. The only other "typical" cause involves fluid in the middle ear, but, that presents with vertigo, which I have not really had. I do not want to throw medication at something that I don't have the symptoms for. So, it looks like, in the meanwhile, that I will wait and see if this gets any better on its own and I will have another hearing test in a few months.

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James said...

Sweeny Todd is one of my favorite shows. I saw Patti LaPone in it in NY last year. Curious about the pull ring. I found myself trying to describe them to my daughter last week.