Sunday, December 31, 2006


I can not believe that 2006 is winding down. I can't believe that I have been posting on this blog for nearly a year. I've wandered back through various posts, and found yet another good use for a blog: capturing memories.

Some of the highlights of this year has been:
  • Burglar Alarm 2oth Anniversary screening: This was the first time that I had gotten together with Todd, Jay, Rick and George in many, many years. Unfortunately, as we discovered, there is no brunch on the Vista, but IHOP is just around the corner.
  • Birthday Star Wars Marathon: A full day of Star Wars, I - VI, what more could I have asked for?
  • 20 Year High School Reunion: The actual reunion was not as much fun as the pre-reunion. At the reunion, I ran in Maria, who, as it turns out, I have known since Kindergarten. Also, my Youth Group buddy Stacie was there. Jeff B is now a teacher (that really blew me away). The Pre-reunion get together was priceless, and I hope we do not wait another 10 years to do that.
  • Corolla Retreat: Got the chance to go down to Corolla, NC for the night. It was the first time in a long time that I can remember being away from the girls. And, they survived.
  • Discipleship Study: Started and completed a discipleship study with Mr. Heath. What an awesome guy, with lots of insight. I can only hope that I can have that much insight one day.
  • Buffalo Trip: I really had a good trip to Buffalo. Including getting lost, buying a GPS and Roller Blading at the middle school.
  • Total Money Makeover: Potentially one of the biggest impacts in my life this year was my discover of Dave Ramsey. He kicked my butt, and got me thinking straight about how I have been wasting money.
2006 has been a good year for me. I hope that 2007 continues the trend.


Rick said...

Muchas gracias for letting me be a part of a couple of those year-end highlights, Charles. Hope you and yours have a safe and well-rested new year!

Chuck said...

Rick - Thanks for encouraging me to write and, at times, encouraging me to go deeper with a thought. You have become my "Virtual" Dr. Maddox.

Rick said...

Aww, pooge.

DEBTective said...

That's a heck of a 2006, jack. All things said, I'm big-time proud of you for getting on board with Dave Ramsey's plan and working to deep-six your debt. Thanks for spreading the word about Dave, and good luck in '07, baby!

Todd said...

Chuck, I hope that we have more and more reunions in 2007. You are one of my most valued friends.

Jeff B. a teacher??? Can you say, "Hey, bud...let's party!"