Saturday, December 16, 2006

Redeeming Netflix Flaps

So far, I have redeemed four Netflix Flaps at Blockbuster. Try saying NetFlix Flaps four times fast.

Flap 1: Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Actually, I went for Three Amigos because I needed something that was both Dumb and Funny. The young man at the counter informed me they no longer carried it for rent, but, I could purchase the film. Of course, that would have defeated that whole "free" theme I was going for by using the Netflix Flaps. I had not seen PTA in many years, and it fit 1/2 of the bill just fine: Funny.

Flap 2: Office Space: Cindy has never seen this movie. Her response was very much the same as she usually has after reading a Dilbert comic. Which is to say, although she appreciates that I find it funny, for her...not so much.

Flap 3: Superman Returns: I still like this film. I appreciate the corny references to the original film. I like how they scale Supes up to items that are much larger than himself to display his power. I did not like the whole Kid thread.

Flap 4: Elf: I am sure that if there were to be a current day equivalent to A Christmas Story this would not be it. However, except for the last fifteen minutes of this film, I still laughed it up.

So, I have one flap left. I have considered renting Rocky, but, I am not sure.

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Rick said...

In ELF: You do know that the elf playing the shop leader in the beginning is Ralphie, don't you?