Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mad Ibexes

This morning, my daughter Katie was watching me play Battlefield 2142. My Team as backed up against the wall, I was just trying to make a desperate attempt to grab a back flag. I hopped into a jeep and speed to a location as far away as possible. Just as I was about to get into a more "durable" vehicle, my computer locked up.

Katie patted me on the shoulder and offered these words of comfort:

"Dad, don't worry that happens to me from time to time. Once, I was playing Zoo Tycoon and I had a pen with two Ibexes. I accidentally hit the moon button on the keyboard. Later, I came back later, and I had a pen full of angry Ibexes."

1 comment:

Rick said...

Mad ibexes are nothing to trifle with. Your daughter is a hero - learn from her :)