Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Redeem Netflix Flaps for Blockbuster Movies

I saw this last week, but forgot to post. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can take the flap of your Netflix Mailer (the part you throw away) and redeem it for a movie rental at Blockbuster video. This offer is good through 12/21/2006.

Netflix subscribers who wish to participate in the program can tear off the address flaps they normally discard when mailing back their DVDs and turn them in at any participating Blockbuster store to receive a free in-store movie rental. They can continue to bring in their envelope flaps and exchange them for free in-store rentals for the duration of the promotion. Netflix customers do not need to subscribe to Blockbuster's online program to participate. To utilize the free store rentals, Netflix customers do need to have a Blockbuster store membership, which they can sign up for on the spot. Store membership is free.

So, go out and get that free movie...

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Rick said...

Might have to poke around for some old flaps. Nice.