Monday, December 25, 2006

Twas the Night before...Wait, it's 3AM!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Katie and Megan woke up at 3:00 this morning and could not be convinced to go back to sleep. They didn't "Sneak and Peak" this year, but waited patiently until 6:00. Thankfully, the Big Guy made it here after all, and all of their wishes came true.

Katie's big item was a "Fur Real" Butterscotch Pony. This toy is really cool! He snorts, neighs and eats. Along with the Pony, she got a "Lead Rope" and a tack box to keep the Pony nice and clean.

Megan received a "Pet Shop" for her little "Pets," a CD Player (she wore her other one out) and a "Fur Real" Monkey (again, another really cool toy). Santa revealed that the Pony and the Monkey were best friends and it just did not seem right for them to be parted.


Rick said...

Be careful and watch your step for the "fur real" presents on the floor, 'specially from the horsie :)

Merry Christmas!!

James said...

3am, huh? Sounds painful!