Friday, December 29, 2006


Have you seen this new game console from Nintendo called Wii? It differentiates itself with it's controllers that allow you to interact with the games by using "natural" motions. The brilliance behind this form of interaction is that it opens Gaming up for traditionally non gamers. For example, the console comes with "Wii Sports," a collection of games including golf, tennis, baseball, bowling and boxing. You can use the same range of motions with your controller as you would with, say, a tennis racket (backhand, forehand, topspin, etc).

However, there is a dark side. The controllers must be attached to your arm via a wrist strap. Already, a recall has been made on the initial straps. And, if you are too manly to wear the strap, then dozens of cases have been documented on the Wiitatraphies that have occurred (including, but not limited to, busted televisions and finger cuts).

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