Tuesday, October 02, 2007

American Idol ... Not!

So, today at 5:00, I get a call that says we have overpaid some speakers, and we need to go back into a database that was purchased over a year ago and see what the former company had contracted to pay them.


I find the back up of this database (which I had never seen), restored it and started digging into 100+ tables looking for something that would appear to me to be the information. Around 7:00, I finish and start to head home. One of my managers wanted to talk to me on the way out, and to be honest, I was only half listening. Sorry. I am not very good after 6:40.

Also, tomorrow is Cindy's Birthday, so I knew that I was taking the girls out to Bed, Bath and Beyond (and, Way Beyond). Luckily, they had scoped it out the day before, so they knew what they wanted to get, and they had their money ready. Thankfully, I had finished my shopping at lunch and all that was left was to sign cards and bake a cake. Did I mention my in-laws are in town.

I get in the car, pop in my headset and call Cindy to let her know that I am on my home. Then, I fire up the MP3 player, and throw on some tuneage. The headset was bothering me, so I took it off, I was struggling with it, but I did get it out and set in the cup holder.

Unknown to me, I had accidentally redialed home.

There I am, heading down the highway, singing in that way that you only sing when you know that you are alone. Or so I thought. After what my wife said to be about two minutes later, I realized that my phone was on. Oh, the horror and embarrassment. Cindy had a great laugh, and I was thankful she did not put me on speaker phone.

Or so she claims. Anyways, Happy Birthday Honey.

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Steve said...

Hopefully she taped it as well. I'd pay good money to hear that one!

George said...

Yes, an MP3 of you singing in the car would make a great addition to your blog.

Todd Vick said...

What genre were you crooning in?