Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Cat's out of the Bag.

Katie lost another tooth last night. Well, that was the start of it. Sitting around dinner table, she commented that the Tooth Fairy was coming to give her four quarters. A few minutes later, both girls were laughing as they figured out (and had confirmed) that mom and dad (mostly mom) had been playing the role of Tooth Fairy.

As the dust was settling, Megan, laughingly, asks about Santa Claus.

I had not been looking forward to this question for several reasons. I have never had issue with Santa Claus because to me, SC represents a bit of fantasy and magic that is real to little kids. And, let's face it, after SC, there is not much magic left for a kid. They are definitely on the road to adulthood. The second reason was a fear planted by someone not too long ago. If the kids figured you lied about SC, what else have you lied about (the implication being that maybe mom and dad have lied about Jesus).

Putting on the best "you found us out" look and hanging our heads, we confessed to being Santa Claus. The kids reaction was unexpected: they laughed. "You ate the cookies?", "How did you get Butterscotch?", "Where did you get the Pet Shop from?" I probably should give them more credit. So, we asked them if they want us to still play Santa, or do they want us to wrap up their presents.

Both wanted them wrapped.

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Rick said...

We're still putting it off, and if my kids surf through here - no, Chuck's a liar!

Actually, the best "advice" we heard early on was from James Dobson - if an older sibling finds out, bring them in on it. The anonymity of giving just for the joy of giving, let them pick out a "santa present" for the little siblings, etc. We're almost there, and might leap off that cliff this year. Just have to wait and see - and keep them away from Chuck, I suppose.

Steve said...

My oldest came to the realization a few years ago. He cornered me and said he needed to talk. "Dad," he said, "I just want to know if Santa is real and if not, why were you lying all these years."
I asked him if he was happy all those years he thought it was Santa. "Yes," he said. I explained it was a way to bring more excitement and happiness and that that was the reason we did it, not to play some trick on him. He was fine with that and even said, "Don't worry Dad, I won't let my brothers and sister in on it." Just like Rick mentioned, we brought him in on it and he loved it.
Wait till they start asking where babies come from.

George said...

What? Chuck is Santa? How's he been getting into my house all these years.

Chuck said...

Steve - We've already had that talk with Katie. It was easy, until we started reading one of the "Every Young Woman's Battle" series. Then, the really uncomfortable questions came about sex.