Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome Old Pal

I like introducing my high school pals, and tonight I am happy to say that Steve has finally thown his hat into the ring. Steve and I met in freshman science class, where we were the bane of some guy named Bobby. I knew that I was going to like Steve when he and I broke out into a scene from Bladerunner while in the old downtown Taps department store. We would go on to lose many quarters together at the Barrel of Fun as well as pass many lunch hours in Rosco's room playing D&D or just watching a movie.

Graduating high school put us on a different path. Steve had some wild idea that he wanted to go into the Air Force and fly F16. So, off he went to the Citadel while I went to USC to be a Physics/Music Ed major. Our paths would cross in between semesters and somehow, we always managed to show up at the annual Todd and Jay birthday bash together. There was a rumor that we were gay lovers, but, it was only a rumor. Besides, I could never go with a guy who wore a Tan Members Only Jacket. Grey is the Only Way.

As it turned out, I did neither Physics nor Music Education because I got some wild idea that I wanted to load bombs on F16s. As it turned out, I ended becoming a mechanic on F15s and I think Steve became a maintenance officer. And then he became a pilot on the C17. At our 10 year High School reunion, I remember him telling stories of flying into Bosnia in the fog.

So, I am glad that Steve has planted his flag into the blogsphere. My only advice is write. Even if it is goofy, even if you find yourself disagreeing. Write about whatever, it is your space. Let your pals know about your family and all that good stuff.

See you over at http://c17daddy.blogspot.com/


Steve said...

Wow! That brings back some memories, old friend. This harkens back to the "Great Mustache Race" in Mrs. Park's class.

Chuck said...

TGMR 0f 1985. I had totally forgotten about that!

Steve said...

I'm trying to remember if there was any closure to TGMR of '85. I think we realized it was a pathetic attempt to grow facial hair and shaved them off.

Good times in Roscoe's class. Is he still there?

Todd Vick said...

It is so cool to see you guys blogging. Our grandkids will be overwhelmed with our stories one day. It would be nice to get all of us together again.