Saturday, January 24, 2009

GG Bryan

I am posting a eulogy for my Grandmother, Louise Prontaut Bryan. She passed away this morning. During the summer, she developed shingles, and it completely wrecked havoc on her immune system. A few days ago, mom told be that she had pneumonia, and that it would not be long.

Grandmother was a card. She had a sly humor about her, and had a sweet grin. She loved to play cards, and was an avid reader. I loved staying at her home, and going outside and looking at the stars.

My Granddaddy had passed about 10 years ago. Katie was just a baby at the time. On our last visit, GG (as we took to calling her) was frail, and mentioned him. She recalled that he was playing on the golf course in September, and passed in December. She called him fortunate. This broke my heart.

I do take comfort in our Hope, and I know that she is with Christ. Although some differ on this, I also believe she is reunited with her husband. Today would have been his birthday.

A fitting present, wouldn't you agree.


Rick said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother - condolences and fond memories to the family, sir. "Comfort in our Hope" is a good thing.

Steve said...

Sorry to hear that, Chuck. My prayers are with you.

George said...

I too am sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to loose a grandparent that was involved in shaping your life. Aren't we blessed though to have had ours around into our 40's and have our kids get to know them too?

Ferdlings said...

A great birthday present indeed.

Martha said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Even when people we love are old and get sick, we still don't want to lose them. And while we know they are in heaven and Jesus is taking care of them, I know it still hurts. My condolences and I'm glad you are finding some comfort.

Todd said...

Charles, so sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. I stand with you, and I do not differ with you on our loved ones being reunited.