Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rick's Site May HARM your computer.

Rick has become the swizzle stick that messes with and challenges my paradigms. Now, his site has been proven to be harmful not only to them, but also to your computer. Don't believe me? Then believe Google:


Actually, something must be amiss with Google because all sites are returning this message. Unfortunately, clicking on the site name will take you to:


And going to the diagnostic page simply gives you:


The thing that is funny is that I did not realize how much I depend on Google. I rarely book mark anything anymore because Google makes it so easy to find.

And Rick...stop twittering. I miss the messin'


Rick said...

Google's broke. Algore is somewhere crying. Bush is trying to figure out why the interwebs are hanging up on his online solitaire game.

And this is a helpful reminder to save off a link to my page :). Don't trust Google.

Rick said...

Told you it wasn't me -

Chuck said... left out Obama fixing the problem ("Can't we come together with Microsoft Live and Yahoo Search...").

Notice how I conveniently took pixs of your site? Funny boy!

Todd said...

Rick's site may not actually harm your PC, but his paradigms will ruin your religion. This is a good thing.