Monday, May 29, 2006

15 Reasons Why I Should Turn Off My TV

A good friend of mine showed me this list of 15 reasons why I should turn off my TV. I agree with what is said in the article, and have been noticing that it has only gotten worse, according to a study that came out this week. In that article it summarized:

"According to the study, today's 70 percent of TV shows that include sexual content average 5.0 sexual scenes per hour, as compared to the 64 percent of shows in 2002 that had sexual content and that averaged 4.4 sexual scenes per hour. The contrast is even sharper with the 1998 figures -- 56 percent of shows and 3.2 sexual scenes per hour."


Rick said...

eehh - too much generalization for me. i don't deny that there's more bad than good, but there is good. and a total disconnect from the culture that comes from making a dichotomy of secular and sacred isn't healthy in alot of ways.

could use this same list to avoid grocery shopping :)

Chuck said...

Grocery shopping presents a false view of marriage? hmmmm. Maybe not.

The author of the list is not advocating turning off the TV for everyone, but rather for himself. He evens gives himself a time limit (a week) for the experiment. I don't see a total disconnect there.

However, I think we can see that TV does influence our acceptance of sin as a society. Take Homosexuality for example. Back in the day of Archie Bunker, it was something to be made fun of. Why? Because society generally accepted that homosexuality was wrong. Was it right to make fun of them? Probably not. But, fast forward to today. We've gone through Ellen and Roseanne to Will and Grace. Now, homosexuality is favorably accepted, and, to not accept it is to be intolerant.

I admire you for your use of the word dichotomy. Dr. Maddox would be proud.

Rick said...

grocery shopping and marriage - ever try to explain to your spouse why peter pan peanut butter is the only true pb, and how JIF is of the devil? it'll mess things up, trust me.

Chuck said...

Come on, both of us know that JIF is a myth...


LJ said...

While I disagree with the generalizations and labels made in the article, I agree that TV is unnecessary, and I agree wholeheartedly with #10.

If I had my druthers there would be no TV in my house. I think much more can be gained from reading and talking and learning to think. IMO, most TV does not promote thinking for oneself (I'm leaving some wiggle room there, leaving out the generalization that everything I've ever seen is more mind-numbing than otherwise).

And let's consider the oxymoron "NEWS" much of the NEWS is New? Very little. On any given day, most of us can, without seeing a news program, say what the major events of the day were in the world. Sad, but true...

To quote Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin said, "It says here that 'Religion is the opiate of the masses.' What do you suppose THAT means?"

In the next panel, the TV says, "It means Karl Marx hadn't seen anything yet."