Friday, May 26, 2006

Lost Finale

If you have not seen the finale of Lost and are planning to watch it later, please read after you have seen it.

This week, many of my favorite shows (24, Lost and American Idol) have concluded their seasons with big finales. I am glad that Taylor won American Idol. I was upset that Jack was left in danger in 24 and we have to wait until January of 2007 to find out what happens. But, Lost has had me thinking over the past two days.

It was that last scene with Michael. Michael has done some very bad things this season: killed Ana Lucia and Libby; lead Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer to captivity and apparently let the leader of the Others go. But in the end, the Others give Walt back to Michael, along with a boat and a heading that will allow them to escape the island. As Walt and Michael pull away from the dock in the boat, there is a shot of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, bound, gagged and on their knees. It looks almost like they are about to shot in the back of the head. For a brief moment, their eyes connect with Michaels.

You really despise Michael. And here is what has been swimming in my head since Wednesday: what would I do, and how far would I go, to get my daughters back? I keep coming back to the realization that I have absolutely no idea of what I would do, what lines I would cross, to save my daughters.


James said...

I liked Taylor very much, but have never seen "24" or "Lost."

Chuck said...

IMHO, both Lost and 24 are better viewed on DVD. Continuity and pacing are problematic for both shows, but, I think that is the nature of having non-episodic (is that a word?) seasons.

Rent Lost season one when you have some time. Its probably my favorite thing that JJ Abrahms has been involved with.