Friday, May 19, 2006

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - Quick Review

We are down 2 films and have four to go. The thing about AOTC is that it is plagued by two very plodding acts. Those acts are just not "fun" and feel like the business end of the movie before you can get to the third act (which absolutely rocks). Does the third act make up for the first two? Absolutely. I start enjoying this film when Anakin and Padme are in the Lars' Tech Dome, and Anakin confesses how he slaughtered the Tuskin Raider camp. He knows that he has done something very wrong, but, there is something very alluring about the power that the dark side offers.

Something that I had not clued in before is that Anakin is to bring Balance to the Force. So, this implies that the Force was once balanced and now is out of whack. I am assuming that this is a balance between the Dark and the Light side, and currently the Dark Side outweighs the Light.

The last battle sequence absolutely rocks. I love the images of the Jedis charging the droids with their lightsabers; the Clone ships descending at the right moment to save the day and Yoda going toe to toe with Dooku.

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