Friday, May 12, 2006

Road Trip!

I have come to discover the benefit of driving from Chesapeake Va to Lexingto SC after work: a full extra day to spend with Mom and Dad. I went into work yesterday, planning to leave around 3:00, but the excitement over tonight's reunion had me rather restless at work. Not only that, but, my blood pressure got worked up over a client who manages the data in our application with her own set of Excel Spreadsheets. Excel has been the bane of my existence (datawise, anyways).

But, around 11:45, I went to my director and asked if it would be ok if I convert to a half day and leave at lunch. No problem. The only problem that did come from it was, Cindy thought I was home for lunch and we were still looking at a 3:00 departure. Around 1:15, I told her "oh, by the way, I am done." She gave me that look that only wives and moms know how to give. The look that will melt a Husband or Son like a forgotten crayon on a car's back dashboard in the middle of summer. I ran a few of the errands (including getting Shock for the pool and taking the kid's to Coldstone to redeem "recital" coupons), and we were off by 2:30.

Save a brief potty stops and a dinner dash, we made it to Lexington right at 9:00. By 10:00, I was out like a light. Mom is taking the day off and we are going to catch Ice Age 2 around lunch time. I like driving back into Cola Town and I don't know if it is because of nostalgia, or just familiarity. Probably more of the former.


Paul said...

So how was Ice Age 2? Victoria and I have been wanting to see it to... uh, get in the mood for the baby... maybe I can convince her we still have time to see it! :-)

Chuck said...

IA2 was not that great. The kids loved it, but from the adults pov, it was pure filler. Some funny yuks, but their are defintely better flicks.

James said...

I have to concur with Chuck that the end result is not great for Mom and Dad. But the little ones are far more forgiving. What I found interesting is that several themes in the film are above many kids' heads. Example - the awkward situation facing the two wooly mammoths, who realize they are the last of their kind and that they must procreate or their species dies. That was a subject never addressed in a Little Golden Book.