Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Day of Megan

Chuck and Cindy

Yesterday was the Day of Megan, essentially her birthday party. Megan can invite one friend and choose several activities to do. She invited a very nice girl and we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to throw down some pizza and then to Chilled Ponds for an hour of Ice Skating. I am so glad that my roller blading skills have transferred to the ice: only a few spills, but, I knew how to fall. Cindy fell hard on her shoulder and I was really worried about her. Katie, who had been hugging the boards the entire time, fell on her back and had to be assisted off the ice. But, no blood, no broken bones. And what goes with Ice Skating? Hot chocolate! Just Daddy's excuse to go to Starbucks. The final activity was decorating the birthday cake. The father of Megan's friend is from Uruguay and we were treated to a couple of birthday songs from their family's tradition. No one had problem falling asleep last night. Maybe a little sore and stiff, but definitely worn out.

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Rick said...

Birthdays are fun - but more so on skates.