Monday, September 04, 2006

New Blogging Tool

I have been using Zoundary for several months now. I am not much into trying out new tools that come along, and Zoundary has served my needs for some time. This morning, I noticed that Zoundary has features for tracking clicks into products if you are interested with making some do-re-mi. Unfortunately, with a grand total of fifty six views last week, Creative Loafing is not targeted to this type of audience. While breezing through the Zoundary forums, someone asked about Microsoft's new Blogging tool "Live Writer."  So, I will use "Live Writer" over the next week and let you know what I think. And, btw, for a simple WSIWYG editor, Zoundary suffices. However, I have had a lot of errors posting to Blogger (Unicode coercion errors). Also, LJ has told me of some issues with inserting your own HTML. I thought I saw something in the forums that might help with this issue.


Rick said...

Part of the problems always seemed to me to be Blogger - when they go down, it's usually going down hard and staying down long. So I switched to Typepad as a platform - get what you pay for kind of thing. But I do have some invited for Vox if you'd like one to test out - mine is here - not a second blog for me, and it's lacking some features I'd like to see, but way better than Blogger for what it brings to the table.

Rick said...

Wait - that link was for my Typepad - DOH - here's my Vox site.