Saturday, September 16, 2006


I was recently playing a city map called "Road to Jalalabad" in my game of choice "Battlefield 2." After choosing my kit, I joined a squad and introduced myself. The Squad Leader responded and we were off to the battle. The SL had a thick accent and he asked me were I was from. "USA, Virginia." His response was "Lucky. I am from Belgium."

At first, it was just neat to know that I was playing a game and talking to a guy from Belgium. We were seeing things in the virtual battlefield at the same time. But, what sunk in later was his response to where I live. "Lucky."

My experiences have taken me to various parts of the world, but nothing has touched me like what I saw in Malaysia. When I gripe about cable being out, I think of the hovels that our bus would pass on the way to work. They not only did not have cable, but they did not have heating, air, sewers and a host of other things that I never think about until they are broken. Even then, it may be only hours before it gets fixed. Yeah, I guess we are pretty lucky.

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