Monday, September 18, 2006

Family Reunion

This weekend was a quick trip down to South Carolina for a family reunion. After the event with our cat on Friday, I think we all needed a bit of distraction. And, in the end, that is exactly what it was. Saturday's reunion was based around the offspring of my Great-Grandfather. Unfortunately, I never new him, but I got a change to meet many of my second cousins. What was strange was I could see physical traits (especially in the face) that indicated that we were related. I wish that the event had been a little more of a mixer. It was held at a park, and we had a nice pavilion. We cooked hamburgers, introduced ourselves and then kind of gravitated to the people we knew. By three, we were packing up and heading home. I had met some new relatives, but, I did not feel like I go to know anyone.

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